Anita Burns

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I've always thought that a life worth living must be lived in joy. If you are not living in joy, then you are not living. Oh, it's not that life doesn't throw us some curves once in a while. After all, only the village idiot is truly happy all the time.


My childhood was a prime example of dysfunctional living. It was my connection to spirit and divine mind that guided me through the darkness of my crazy early life. It was that connection that taught me to seek ways through the mire into the light.


If life is an ongoing struggle; if relationships and friendships are not nurturing our well-being; if most of the time we feel less-than, not worthy, guilty, ashamed, frustrated, blocked, or afraid, and more, then it is time to take advantage of the wonderful tools for moving out of that and into a better way of being—into a person who can have a balanced, comfortable, joyful life and easily handle the challenges that come our way.


That's what I strive to offer through what I have learned over my rather bizarre lifetime—if you aren't having a good time, the reason lies in you and you can do something about it.


The services I offer have helped so many people, all over the world to move out of doubt, fear, uncertainty, and self-sabotaging attitudes into strength, empowerment, enrichment, and aligning with their spirit.


There's a lot to enjoy in life if you know how.


Browse the website and discover. I offer information, articles, my never-to-be-humble opinion about many things, and about my life's work—helping others enrich and empower their lives through:


Intuitive Psychic services—Psychic readings, Past Life readings, Tarot, Palmistry, Crystal ball, Aura and chakra readings.


Trance Channeling—Messages from Light Beings Johar and Simon


Healing—Re Hu Tek, Healthy living guidance, Crystal healings


Spiritual Development—Chanting and mantra, Spiritual/metaphysical consultations, Kriya, Breathwork, Chakra and aura Resonant Field Imaging, channeling


NLP—Neuro-linguistic programming consultations and courses


Life Guidance—NLP consultation, Guidance from angels and the Akasha


Astrology—Charting your life map, Relationships, Questions answered, Future trends, Job, and more. Consultations and courses.


Tarot—Questions answered, Guidance for life's obstacles and challenges, Tarot for personal transformation, Training workshops


Palmistry—Your life and your soul's plan, Past lives, Healing, Emotions, Abundance, and more in your hands.


Course and Workshops—Astrology, Tarot, NLP, Spiritual and metaphysical learning, Channeling, Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, Handwriting Analysis, and lots more.

Anita Burns offers both international and local services, including California's Inland Empire, Riverside , Orange ,

Los Angeles, San Bernardino , and San Diego Counties.

Psychic, spiritual, NLP, healthy living courses, classes, workshops, private consultations and readings.

Web design, ebook design and publishing, video services, and more.

951-738-8802 or 909-921-8409