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Denial is not just a Rive in Egypt - Astrology Chat, The 12th House

Karma, Destiny, and the Most Difficult Parts of Living.


Astrology has fascinated me since I was a child. My mother was an astrologer. I would sit and watch her piecing together numbers like a jigsaw puzzle then translating them into lovely symbols that she meticulously placed in drawing of a round circle divided into twelve segments (called "houses")—like a pie. "Hmmm," she would sometimes say, or mutter, "Oh my," or  "Well, that's interesting." She was like a surgeon probing into the secret spaces of a body, looking for clues and answers.


I wanted to be like her. to be able to read the hieroglyphs on the "pie" and know that they hold the secrets to all of our questions and all of our secret self.


When she started teaching me astrology, when I was about nine or so, I was like an Egyptologist discovering the Rosetta Stone. At last, I would be able to read the secret language of the stars. I was so eager. However, I had no head for math and some of it was a struggle, all that adding and subtracting, referring to charts, and such. Eventually, it sunk in and became a breeze. Now, like almost every astrologer in the world, use a computer to do the math. The good stuff is in interpreting it (called delineation in astrology-speak). The rest is just numbers.


So, by the time I was 12, I was doing astrology charts for school mates. Not really good ones; it took some more maturing for me to understand the nuances and depth of an astrology chart.


If everyone knew the magic contained in an astrology chart, perhaps this would be a better planet to live on. I'm not complaining, but I see what could be known if everyone could read the planets the way astrologers do.


Okay, so I'm starting with the 12th house instead of the 1st because it is the beginning and the end. It is where we came from and where we are ultimately going. for more information on Anita's home-study Astrology Course




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