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2012 - The End and the Beginning or the Beginning of the End?

Anita Burns


Throughout my life, there have been numerous times when the metaphysical community has become enthusiastic, excited, or anxious about a prophecy that was supposed to bring great awakening or great disaster to the Earth. Without exception, the result has proven to be less than anticipated.


I have learned to take a wait-and-see stance to all the predictions of global disaster, ET invasions, the coming of Christ, the awakening of super spirituality, and the beginning of the Aquarian Age, etc. As an astrologer, I check the “stars” with each prediction and usually the hype is exaggerated or even completely off-base, perhaps because of miscalculations or lack of deeper knowledge of esoteric astrology.


I also check with living saints and sages of the world to find out what they have to say in the matter. Usually there is either no mention of the event or that it is greatly exaggerated.


However, in 2007 the transit of Venus between the Sun and the Earth was talked about in the circles of scientists as well as saints and sages.


This event, which will be repeated in the year 2012, espoused by many as the end of the current “age of ignorance” and the beginning of the “age of truth and enlightenment.” It is also believed by some to be the end or resetting of the Mayan calendar.


It’s not that everyone will wake up the day after the transit in 2012 and be totally enlightened. It’s that the doorway is finally open for clear and mostly unobstructed spiritual progress in the world. Those who are willing and ready to awaken will find their path clear and powerfully supported in the world.


The significance of the year 2012 is not “New Age” hype. It has some scientific basis too. The Earth’s magnetic field is created by the rotating core. Spiritually, the ancient wisdom of India states that the Earth’s magnetic field is intricately connected with the consciousness of its inhabitants.




Love, Passion, and Astrology

Sexuality is a complex subject. It is probably written about more than any other subject. When it comes to sexuality in astrology, much can be said that goes far beyond your sun sign at birth. I’m often asked questions like “I’m an Aries. Am I compatible with Virgos?  This is something like saying, “I’m an American. Am I compatible with Italians?”  Astrology can determine, in finite detail, your sexual nature; what kinds of mates are better for you than others; what types you will be attracted to or draw to you; what you expect from a mate; whether you are likely to have one committed relationship or many, and what they’ll be like.


Determining all this however, takes more than just looking at your “Sign.” A complete horoscope needs to be charted. The astrologer will then look at your Sun and Moon signs, the asteroid Juno, your fifth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth houses, what planets are there and what signs are on those houses and the planets that “rule” them. Pretty complex stuff, but worth the effort. You’ll know more about yourself, or another, than years of traditional analysis could ever reveal. I won’t go into technical detail here, but there are some important things you can found out from your Sun sign.


The day you are born, the Sun is said to be “in” a certain sign. This is what you know as your “sign.” Although your Sun sign is but a fraction of your love personality, it is a significant one.


The Sun represents your basic inner self, your overall inner direction. Keeping in mind that other things in your chart will adjust and alter the influences of the Sun, these energies will be with you and you will express them in many, if not all, ways.


ARIES:  With your fire, you’ll be a driving force in any relationship. Your powerful libido energy can stir newly awakened feelings in your partner(s). Choose partners who aren’t likely to be singed by your heat.




Where Did Astrology Come From?

In the ancient world, humans lived mostly under an open sky. The heavens performed miracles not easily understood—thunder, lightening, meteors, sun, moon, and stars. People in those long ago times sensed something beyond the physical lights in the sky, they sensed the spiritual energy radiating from them and considered them to be divine sources of power. In ancient Sumeria, for example, the symbol for divinity is a star.


Even though it isn’t true, it appears to us Earthlings, that the sun, moon, planets, and stars revolve around our planet. And, that is what most people believed until recent times. Ancient humans observed the planets moving in a predictable pattern in front of a backdrop of stars that moved more slowly or remained stationary. The Greek, Sumerian and Babylonian priests and priestesses systematically gave the planets names of various deities according to each one’s unique energy essence. Each god had dominion over a particular area of human life. The vibratory energy of each god was matched with the vibratory energy of each known planet.


Oddly, astrology seems to have sprung up all over the known world at about the same time, and the planets were all given basically the same influential characteristics in each civilization. Mercury in the Americas had the same “powers” as it did in China or Babylonia. Each planet, regardless of what civilization named it, was known for identical or similar influences. For example in all civilizations who used astrology, Mercury was the god of communication, quick thinking, wise, and calculating; Mars ruled cutting, blood, war, anger; Jupiter was expansive, large—king of the gods.





Oh, John, it would never work. You're an Aries and I'm a Virgo. . . Sigh.

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