Handwriting Analysis Course

Learn the spiritual and the mundane aspects of handwriting analysis, making this course a valuable tool for spiritual growth. Easy to learn, Handwriting analysis uncovers our innermost self and out outer character. It reveals much about our health and vitality, talents, skills, spirituality, and sexuality.


Learn to use handwriting for personality, character, and health analysis, AND as a tool for spiritual progress.


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The Dough Also Rises


Bread is EASY to make. What's hard is screwing it up. Bread dough is like your enabler cousin Penelope. It is there to make you look good and be comfortable with your quirkiness.


Is there anything better, more sensual, and more addicting than the smell of fresh bread baking? Don't answer that. You gotta admit though, that this is one helluva great smell.


It's so good that some bakeries install a fresh bread fragrance atomizer in their shops and pump the fragrance outside to attract customers. This fragrance speaks to our ancestral pleasure centers. It is so powerful that some real estate agents spray an artificial fresh bread aroma in the houses they are trying to sell or in model homes. They also use cookie-baking smells, but that is a different book.


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Certification Astrology Course

30 lessons - Home Study


This Professional, certification Astrology course of thirty lessons is thorough and complete, giving you an understanding and deep knowledge of astrology.


After successful completion of the course you will be fully qualified to practice astrology either privately or professionally and certified by MetaStudies Institute as an Astrology Practitioner.


I have been a successful astrologer for over 40 years and have lectured and taught all over the world. This course consists of thirty lessons written by me, and includes a lot of information not available anywhere else. Why isn't it available elsewhere? Mostly because it comes from veteran astrologers I studied with, or knew, who didn't publish their material, or that the material is out of print now. I also include information from my many years of experience as an astrologer.


The lessons are structured for an easy, progressive learning experience. By completing the lessons, you gain sufficient expertise to open a consultation business. With successful completion of the lessons, you will be certified as an "Astrology Practitioner" from MetaStudies Institute.


Each lesson is given a personal evaluation and returned to you with review remarks and comments. Anita is always available for discussion and consultation via e-mail or phone. She tries to make the course as close to having a private instructor as possible. Order, See a sample lesson, a Video, a list of lesson titles, and more info: MetaStudies.com or astrologycourse.net

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