Certification Tarot Course

Read for yourself and overcome confusing times, and move forward with confidence. Look into the past to find the basis for what's happening today to be better prepared for tomorrow. Tarot helps you to more clearly read the future to be forewarned and prepared for changes and new cycles.


By reading cards you can determine how relationships will affect you. Tarot shows you how to find hidden potential, problems, and opportunities and learn how best to deal with the relationships in your life now and those destined for your future.


Know what choices are open to you to make your life the best it can be.


Know what Karma was brought in from the past and what you choose to experience anew. You can know how the karmic cycles affect your life and those you read for.


This course helps you to easily and thoroughly learn the Tarot through an understanding of the symbols on the Tarot cards (Rider-Waite deck used for study) that are rooted in our human unconscious as archetypal energies


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You Are Psychic - A Self-Guided Course in Developing Your Psychic/Intuitive Skills

Safely develop and expand your psychic/intuitive self for your self and the good of all.


Gently open your intuitive centers into full flower. Develop clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience for a full experience of the messages from guides, angels, and your own higher self.


Work with Chakras and Aura Layers to tap into your psychic/intuitive abilities. Plus read chakras on others.


Learn Psychometry, scrying, and more. Discover how to communicate intuitively with animals. Practice direct psychic/intuitive connection to clearly read for others.


Step by step guide toward empowering your psychic/Intuitive self.


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Print editions (Psychic Intuitive) available at:  Amazon.com, and MetaStudies.com




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