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Chakras Gone Wild--

A Shamanic Journey Through the Chakras

by  Allen Burns


This Chakra Balancing CD is designed to help balance the seven main energy centers (chakras) in the non-physical body.

This Chakra CD is based on that knowledge. Using the power of voice to send  intent,  sounds and harmonic toning, and the powerful transformational energy Re Hu Tek,™ Chakras Gone Wild gives your chakras a sonic "massage.”


Allen has created a unique sound that is not your typical chakra music, but has a tangible energy and aliveness to it.


Like the shaman, Allen sought to bring the higher intuitive mind into play when creating this work.


He combined ancient knowledge and modern technology to create a unique "tool” that can be used on a regular basis.


This is a Chakra CD that can help take you  out of your everyday mind to connect with your higher mind and true Self.









My husband, Allen and I worked on this amazing CD that transports you to an inner world of peace and healing.


Experience 35 minutes of continuous stream, bi-directional OM, the most ancient and primordial cosmic sound. Allen  performs Oms using the interval of a fifth, believed to be the source of universal harmony and the note E flat associated with the heart chakra and creation.


The Tibetan Tingsha & Bowl enhance these special sounds. To bring the energy of these sounds to their ultimate peak, Allen empowered them with ancient Egyptian Re Hu Tek(tm) energy.


LISTEN TO A SAMPLE  Information about AUM (OM)



Dancing to the Edge of the Universe

by Allen Burns


Be transported with the music—soft and lively, strong, powerful, and soothing, each track moves you and enfolds you in sound of infinite beauty and transformation.

This music goes straight to the very molecules of your being. It is infused with an ancient Egyptian transformational, healing energy called Re Hu Tek.™ Be in deep peace with Om Shanti,  total, complete, joy. Angels Embrace Me brings you to angels for peace, healing, transformation, comfort, and love.


Heart of the Ocean takes you to the depths of the oceans to play with whales, dolphins, and the magical beings of the deep. In Dreams of Shangrila, relax into timeless beauty, and infinite wisdom. Journey to the core of your being with Climbing Mount Meru.


Walkabout in Dreamtime transports you to the magical land of Australian Aboriginals, beyond time, beyond the five sensory world. The Visitors take you on a journey of discovery. Receive blessings from the great mother in Gaia’s Dream. Healing Heart opens your heart center to love, healing, and comfort—love ascended. Angel Lullaby transports you to angels for love, comfort, peace, and healing. Relax, let the music fill your soul.


These tracks use a silent Re Hu Tek ambience track to infuse the music with Re Hu Tek when mixed down. All tracks composed and produced by Allen Burns.









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