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Journey out of Body

A Guided Astral Flight Experience

Antia Burns

Take a guided journey out of the body in an astral flight adventure. Through a unique meditation based on ancient yogic traditions, and Ericksonian NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), with special music and sounds created by Allen Burns, a Re Hu Tek™ Master.


This CD is designed to help you loosen the bond between physical and astral forms and slip out of your physical body to experience the expanded vistas of astral flight.


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Guided Meditations and Techniques

Anita Burns and Helen Lupien

This is a collection of guided meditations written by my mother over her long career as a spiritual teacher.


These beautiful meditations will take you into your inner world for healing, balancing, consciousness expansion, stress relief, and meeting with guides and angels, and more. They are beautifully and lovingly written by my mother over her long career as a spiritual teacher and mentor.


Sadly, mother has passed after years of sinking into the darkness of Alzheimer's. She barely remembered her incredible contribution to the healing, happiness, and spiritual growth of the hundreds, if not thousands, of seekers she taught, helped, and mentored for nearly fifty years.


So much of her work was original and incredible. This is a partial collection of meditations, guided meditations, and meditation techniques that my mother, Helen Lupien, created while in contact with her guides and divine self. They have helped so many people, and now, I have recorded them so that they are available for everyone.


We have included two tracks for each meditation, one with a background drone (not really music), and another with voice only. You may want to put your own music on for the voice only track, or use no music at all. We have included the text for the meditations in case you wish to use them in your own classes or other events.


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Journey Into Past Lives

Antia Burns


Explore your past lives through this guided program developed by Anita Burns. This CD uses the latest NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and self-guided hypnosis techniques to help you:

• Uncover the origins of blocks and obstacles in relationships, career, spirituality, and more.

• Find out the hows and whys of all aspects of your life.

• Identify loved ones you have known before.

• Understand more about your destiny and path.

Plus, the informational booklet included gives you information about reincarnation and karma, and includes complete instructions on how to get the most from your experience.


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