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Medical Freedom - Herbs or Drugs?


I want to start out by first stating that I am not anti-modern medicine. I have great faith in our modern medical system for most things. If I were to break a bone, or require emergency surgery, I wouldn’t want to stick strictly to herbal medicine. I believe that both systems have a right and good place in healing.


For centuries Europeans and Asians viewed disease as a dysfunction of the whole body, or a whole system. Cures were aimed at bringing the body back into balance so that it could heal itself.


Although traditional thought on disease also included superstition, ignorance of anatomy, and in some places unhealthy beliefs about hygiene, much that was useful about medicine was known and practiced.


In both East and West, disease was often cured with plants that were either proven or intuited to have an effect on a particular system in the body that was injured or unbalanced. In Europe, the “Five Humors” theory was developed. In the near east, the “Three Dosha Ayurvedic” system was the basis of medicine. In the Far East, the “Five Elements” theory was practiced.


Superstition about demons, curses, and in Europe, lack of basic knowledge of hygiene aside, these systems were mostly effective. In the opinion of some alternative health researchers today, they were as effective as modern allopathic method for many diseases.


Not much is known about medical practices of Africa (except for ancient Egypt), and the ancient Americas, but they too, used herbs and plants, along with surgery and other medical techniques.


In the last two centuries, there has been a rise in the “scientific method,” a way of investigating and “proving,” in the Newtonian sense, whether a substance really works as a medicinal or not and in what way.


In the western world, especially North America, allopathic medicine took root and holistic medicine, viewed as old fashioned and unscientific, was pushed more and more into the background. In Europe and Asia, with centuries more behind them of holistic practices, both schools of though and medicine practices are accepted and sometimes integrated. However, in the United States, allopathic medicine has taken hold and has tried—and is still trying—to stamp out any other form of health care.






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Diets Don't Work, So Why Am I On One?

Before I begin, I want to say that I have no problem with other people’s body size. If that is a life-choice, wonderful. I don’t think less of anyone because of their body shape. We all have our comfort zones.


This rant is ONLY about me. I am accustomed to looking a certain way. That image of myself ties in with a zillion neuron’s that connect to my sense of well-being.


Over the years, of course I have adjusted that comfort image a little. I weighed 98 pounds when I was first married at eighteen. I crept up to 110 and stayed there until I had a hysterectomy in my late thirties, when I  shot up to 120 pounds. That’s where I stayed—until recently. I definitely don’t want to go back to 98 pounds, but 125 would be good. It will be perfect, in fact.


For centuries, or so it seems, I have been preaching from the food pulpit that diets don’t work. I still believe that, but as age creeps up on my A$$ and my metabolism goes equally south, I find myself in a dilemma. My life has taught me the valuable lesson of eating Real Food instead pretenders-of-food, for health and keeping the weight off, but now I see that sometimes it isn’t enough, especially for women of a certain ripeness.



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