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The Great Goddess - Mary


Mary...Lady of light, Lady of mercy, Lady of protection and nurturing...


“Hail Mary Full of Grace, blessed is the fruit of thy womb - Jesus the Christ.  Lady of the sea, lady of the sky, Lady of the moon—Mother Mary, the Blessed Virgin.....”


For around 2000 years, Mary has been worshipped and esteemed as the eternal Mother—pure, spotless, perfect, untouched by man. Meditation on her elicits in many people, profound feelings of peace, gentleness, loving forgiveness, protection, nurturing.  Visionaries report that when she manifests her presence, the fragrance of roses fills the air.


MadonnaFor centuries, all over the world, visionaries have seen Mary—in France, Russia, Egypt, South America, USA, and, of course, Italy, to name a few. When we think of Lourdes, Fatima, or Medjugorje, Mary comes to mind.


But who was Mary really? Was she the mother of Jesus? Did she conceive without Joseph’s help? What’s the real story?


Anyone who studies Christian history comes to know that much of the Christian teachings, and much of the New Testament were fabricated by early Church fathers. It’s not necessarily true that they deliberately meant to deceive, but nothing is known of the historical Jesus, and nothing is historically known of his mother, the “Lady of Roses,”  Mary.


The founders of the Christian Church had to take their best guesses, recording what they believed to be true of the many legends and stories, and deleting what they believed to be false. However, it becomes apparent, after studying Biblical and Church history that many of the early fathers were misogynists (woman haters) and used their position to subjugate any worship of Mary. As an example, consider what Tertullian (155-220 C.E.), a former pagan, turned powerful father of the Church said to contemporary women.




Wicca, the Peaceful Religion


Wicca is a Peaceful Practice from the Dawn of our Existence


Practitioners of the "old ways" throughout the ages and all over the world have been called by many names, such as Incantrix, Lamia, Saga, Maga, Malefica, Sortelega, Strix, Venefica, Strega, Janana, witch, Wiccan, and sorceress or sorcerer. By whichever name, "the craft" is as old as humankind itself.


As gatherers and hunters, we sensed invisible powers and forces in our everyday world and devised ways to understand and use them. We painted the caves, carved fetishes, buried our dead, and developed rituals and behaviors that would bring the invisible forces under our control. We gathered before a hunt to invoke the forces to ensure success. We gathered, also, at a birth, a migration, and a death to invoke the forces for our good.


Sometimes, through history, we sought the mainly the Great Father for power. At other times, it was the Great Mother, the Goddess that was our primary source. The Great Mother, because all life springs from her, has been a driving force in all religions throughout history. Even the strongly patriarchal religion of Christianity has its goddess—the pure symbol of womanhood, Mary. All across the world, the Goddess is known by many names and forms. From Isis in Egypt to Kali in India, the Mother has been our source of creation, destruction and protection. Her consort, the Great Father is our source for the masculine side of power, protection, destruction, and preservation.


It was during one of the times when the Great Mother was dominant, that the Witch Cult, now known as Wicca (from the word “Wiccae” meaning to bend or shape), came into existence. Techniques using the elements of fire, water, earth and air, particular vocal invocations, and symbols to focus the forces were developed. Either through trial and error or from direct spiritual communication, Wiccans, both male and female, developed a formal system for focusing and channeling the universal forces into daily lives.





Ten Steps to Explore Past Lives to Heal the Present


There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Shakespeare, Hamlet, act 1, scene 5


When William Shakespeare wrote those intriguing words, he probably had no idea that modern humans would try to prove them. Interest in the supernatural and paranormal has rushed into popularity since the turn of the 20th century like ants to a kitchen full of honey. Anything that hints at what could be "behind the veil," or is at all connected with the power of the mind is gobbled up with relish even by the most conservative individuals. Granted it may be gobbled up in order to condemn, but there is no denying how powerful a force the supernatural and paranormal, collectively called "metaphysics," has become.


Attitudes vary about metaphysics from new 'revelations' by self-proclaimed seers and prophets, to resurrecting ancient religious or philosophic ideas and practices. For many, anything ancient must be Truth. For example, Wicca, according to Wikepedia* has a annual growth rate of 143%. This makes it one of the fastest growing religions (or philosophies) in the world today.


Huna, another ancient practice, has its roots in the Pacific islands. It is steadily growing in popularity. Adherents believe it dates back some 35,000 years and was started by a race of people no longer in existence on Earth.


Other, non-religious practices are also gaining ground and becoming more mainstream than ever before in the modern world. Astrology, numerology, I Ching, Tarot, and such are examples.


With all of this and the myriad of other metaphysical practices and ancient religions popular today, there is one common theme in most of them, a belief in reincarnation. Although the beliefs about how reincarnation works can vary widely, it is a thread that runs through nearly all of them as a belief that the soul migrates, after death from one body to another.




Karma is a common theme in reincarnation belief. Karma is the law of cause and effect, the universal plan by which a soul is created and sent to the physical world to live, die, and live again and again. With each life, the soul betters itself, coming closer and closer to perfection. The soul is then given a choice of joining the cosmic consciousness collective or remaining in the spirit or physical world to help others.


The pinnacle of perfection is reached by learning to operate more out of soul consciousness than body and brain consciousness. Each step along the way brings more cosmic clarity until there is total awareness of the true, immortal, spiritual self.


In the world, belief in reincarnation is widespread. Only a few religions and philosophies discount it, including the vast majority of Christian faiths. That is not to say that all Christians who believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ deny reincarnation. Many believe that Christ himself preached karma.




There are many passages in the Holy Bible that could be interpreted as teaching about reincarnation, for example:



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