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Love and Pain

Only love can break a heart. Only love can mend it again.” Gene Pitney, 1962


When I went into trance to bring this message from light beings, Johar & Simon, the line from the song quoted above came into my head loud and clear. This month’s message is about love and healing from the pain that only love can produce.


Namaste. We would like to speak to you about love. So many times, in spiritual classes and from spiritual teachers, even your popular group the Beatles (“All you need is love...”) the word love is brandished as the answer, the panacea, to all of life’s ills.


It is true, that love, in its true form, will heal all wounds and create an idyllic life. But few humans know how to really channel the true nature of love, which is without conditions or possessiveness and is not attached to another person or object. It is a state of being rather than a process of loving or being loved.


This being said, it is not criticism of the human nature. It is the natural state for humans to be disconnected from the true nature of being love and having to settle for second best—loving and being loved. This kind of love is the highest form of spirituality open for most humans at this stage of evolution.


So what is human love? Spiritually, because humans are individually incapsulated pieces of a greater whole - their soul group, there is a longing to connect with others, to use this connection to feel more whole. Physically, there is a need to band together for safety and to reproduce. There is a natural, hormonal need to protect and nurture offspring. The physical instincts in humans is often mistaken for love. It is instinct for survival and procreation. But because modern humans are so far removed intellectually from their primitive natures, a sexual attraction is mistaken for love. This causes many hasty marriages and many divorces.


Because of this same disconnect between physical natures and modern, industrialized living, the primitive urge to procreate creates many problems when offspring are created with no thought of how they will be cared for, or if the parents are suitable for parenthood. In other words, sexual drives, mistaken for love, create many of the problems of modern society.


Religious taboos about sex and social morality, often misplaced and stemming from puritanical origins, force humans to deal with their sexuality in distorted ways. We are not advocating sexual promiscuity or licentiousness. However, we would call for common sense and not jumping into a marital tie, forming financial entanglements, and creating offspring from a couple whose only bond is sexual attraction! Learning the difference between temporary sexual attraction, formed from fleeting astrological configurations and hormones, and a lasting love bond would ease a great deal of the pain that humans experience and lessen much of the social and psychological problems it creates for the offspring.


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The Human Condition


For those of you who do not know me, I have been doing something that many call "channeling" for over 30 years now. Although many in the spiritual/metaphysical community have beliefs about what this is, I have my doubts and prefer to leave it open. All I know is that I put myself into a deep, altered state of consciousness and begin talking or writing. The words and the messages that come through are inspiring, thought provoking, and helpful to people in ways, that I, in my normal state of consciousness have not been able to achieve


The voices that come through me call themselves Johar and Simon. They have humor, compassion, and wisdom that seems to surpass my own. So no matter where the messages come from, I trust them to be from a place of light. :


What do we mean by the ‘human condition’? We speak of that which is the nature of humans, on this planet and on all other planets in the universe that support human and human-like beings. Humans are complex and often difficult beings and we can appreciate the frustration and confusion that goes along with being human.


You are always of at least two minds. Everything, in the human existence must filter through the duality reality of your consciousness. There cannot be black without white, up without down, right without wrong, beauty without ugliness, and good without evil. This is, to say the least a “sticky” situation to be in. Yet, it is so much a part of your reality that you don’t even realize that it is this duality that stands in the way of that which your soul seeks the most—unity.


Humans are lonely, always seeking to connect with another; always seeking approval, appreciation, love, admiration, and so on. You seek to mate with another, not only for procreation, but to experience a taste of the wholeness that is your soul. By connecting with another, through love, or even the fleeting moment that lust brings, you forget the duality. You FEEL! In the embrace of a lover, the presence of a spiritual teacher, the sight and touch of your children, you feel a bit of the wholeness that is your true nature.




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