Anita Demonstrating Tai Chi at her Joshua Tree Retreat, 2011

I have listened to your Mp3 many many times as well as shared it with my closest friends. The clarity/light strikes us, and the Love that comes thru.


I just want you both to know that I am thankful for the work you both are both doing, and for me personally I fell as I have known you for a long long time.


Love and Light

Thomas (Denmark)



It never ceases to amaze me how things once studied to completion can be re-visited later with new insight! We all know of people and groups we are more or less compatible with but I did not realize so much why this is so until listening to Anita Burns. Now I understand this much better. Well not completely but then I am sure I have much growing up to do. Very excellent and encouraging lecture !






I  loved the dynamic of the class and thought everyone involved was great. It made the environment so safe to explore and make mistakes, definitely! I will definitely recommend you to others for any upcoming classes.


Good vibes!! - Alex M.




I had such a wonderful time at your class. You are truly a fabulous teacher, and the students that came were intelligent and interesting as well. I feel blessed for the opportunity to learn with you all.


Thank you, Maria




Thank you  for the Reading , it has been very helpful. Johar said I could call on Archangel Michael to clear away the voices and spirits, I did that last night and it really worked and it is still working.  Awesome! I spoke with Simon and I felt the "energy" instantly. Amazing!


Thank you very much. Charles.




Thanks for the message. It is VERY appropriate for the exact place I'm at in my spiritual growth.


Love and Light, Justine




I am grateful for the insight and teachings you bring to others. Connections and reconnecting with like-minded persons on a different level. The wholeness, glimpses of Oneness, and kindling (rekindling?) spiritual friendships is very healing.


Thank You. Fondly, Tonya




Thank you SO much for my reading! As usual, hearing your wise words left me clearer, lighter, and optimistic ... my faith restored!


You said, "Watch out for equipment failure ... microphones, etc." Well last night I went to sing at the funeral of a very influential folk music DJ. He and his wife have had a show on KPFK for 37 and are known by one and all in the folk music scene.


I had seen the first band perform and saw that the singer's microphone sounded boomy and awful. However, the speaker's mic, behind the podium, sounded excellent. So when they called me, I sashay-ed down the aisle and went up to sing a capella behind the podium instead.


So how cool is that!!! ? Helped along by some microphone vigilance! Thank YOU!


Peace, gratitude, love, and blessings galore! --Ashley




I really enjoyed the retreat. It really  clicked for me. It's like it all fell into place.


Please pass along to Allen that I really enjoyed his presence. My shoulder and back were bothering me that entire weekend and hurt the worst on Sunday. I felt better after his meditation and then used my hands on myself for the next 3 days. Amazingly all of the pain was gone in two days and hasn't come back. -- Brian




Thank you for the Simon Reading. It's being very helpful. By just thinking about the Reading, I can feel the energy of Simon coming through beautifully and therapeutically.

Simon's voice really touches my inner heart.


Anita, the Johar & Simon Readings, and the recordings have helped me heal tremendously in a way none other that I know of can or could have. I'm most grateful for your time and efforts.


Thank you very much. Charles.




I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed seeing you and attending your class. I had shut down so much that I was and am having some difficulty in connecting. Just the one class has produced some meaningful dreams and helped in a reading for a friend. I do hope you see an avenue for more classes in this area.-- B.P




Thanks so much for the other evening. It was fascinating! Thanks for helping me feel confident about this new life venture. After I came for the reading, I pursued my greatest dream and it is on the way to being fulfilled. All this happened within 2 weeks of seeing you. I just kept telling myself to trust it would happen, it's the right place for me. Voila!--J.S.




I witnessed Johar when you came to our class last week. I just loved the presentation and all of the messages Johar had. Needless to say, I was in awe! Your gift brings lots of comfort to many. F.D.




Johar spoke of a guide that I have that has red curly hair. Well, a woman I have never met or spoken to drew a picture (she paints guides) and brought it to a friend of mine (W), stating that it was for one of her friends. Well W's guide told her it was for me. She called this morning and told me about it. It is of a very tall woman with an unusually long neck and strange beautiful eyes and beautiful curly red hair! I immediately thought of Johar as he channeled my guide and she commented on how strange it was to be in such a small body! -- S.M.




Everything you told me has come to past. You stated that my Uncle would pass away along with another family member. Well, My uncle's son was murdered four days before my Uncle passed away. My Uncle was told of his death, and died of a broken heart. My salary increase did come through along with the other incentives you foretold. -- J.B.




Thank you so much for the opportunities that you create to make us grow. I thank God that I found you. I have learned so much from you and through you. But this is just the beginning. I hope and pray that God will allow me to have more opportunities to learn from you. Thank you for being here. ---G




I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your class last night. My life changed dramatically when my dad passed in April and for the first time I left a class in the greatest mood, knowing that I may be able to contact my dad. This class is exactly what I have been looking for. --K.R.




Thank you Anita and Johar for such an enjoyable and informative class on Saturday. My husband and I had such an' enjoyable experience. Johar's message to my husband telling him its time to make peace left him with much to think about!...Again thank you.-- S.M.




I am so grateful that are paths have crossed. This Martian appreciates your powerful, yet subtle Venusian Magick. Thanks again for the reconnection with the infinite. You are a great teacher!--G.T


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When you were channeling and Johar asked my son if he still spoke to dolphins and whales, it touched him so deeply, he went home, held the cat and cried for 2 hours. It seems that when he was younger, he was at Sea World and found that he could communicate with the dolphins and whales there. It frightened him and he never told anyone. Thank you for letting my son know that this was an okay experience that really is a blessing. It has brought him such wonderful relief.--S.B.




I just wanted to thank you for spending time with my son¦ and myself yesterday. It gave me a much better handle on how I might be able to work with you as time goes on. Even today some information that I gleaned from you yesterday came in very handy in a mediation that I just came out off. More good stuff and more stuff to work with. Thank you again.--D.G.



For more than 15 years, every single reading has been unique and exactly what I needed at that time. I have obtained invaluable insights into my life as well as glimpses of higher planes. If you ever doubt the Universe loves you, talk to Johar!--K.C.



You have been pivotal in my psychic development. I have approached the time in my life where this aspect is most important to me. I am a Software Engineer by trade and I value education and the pursuit of knowledge. I require trust with my teachers to make my endeavors "value-added". You have represented yourself as a well grounded, honest and sincere individual who takes her trade seriously. You are trustworthy and completely devoted to your students. You are also very supportive and encourages students to explore that which is inside all of us. You even have a great sense of humor, which I feel is truly a gift. I am fully confident in your abilities, sincerity, and veracity.--C.S.




Gosh, Anita! I received the Astrology Course lessons, and my goodness! I'm impressed and slightly overwhelmed. I had no idea they were so in-depth. How fortunate I am to have found you. I feel I'm finally getting what I've been looking for all of these years. Thank you so much Anita! --E.O.




I attended your NLP introduction, expecting to get the usual tidbit of new information that I've come to expect from classes, seminars and workshops. What I got was a two-day banquet! You are a very approachable, and down-to-earth person. You know your stuff and are able to share your knowledge in a very effective and enjoyable fashion. I am SO glad I decided to attend.--C.P.




The Re Hu Tek sessions I received from Anita were powerful and helped me overcome chromic pain. --JM


I appreciate all your help today with meditation, mediumship, and Johar channeling. The information I received today helped me get a clear picture of my path of service and enlightenment.--B.A.




When you took me back to a past life of mine, I saw myself as an African woman. When I tried to figure out my name I heard something like Too-sha. I had never heard that name before and was curious about it. So I got on-line and looked up female African names. Right away, I found that Tosha is a woman's name in Swahili from East Africa! I was so excited! --N.R.




Thank you so much for the reading! Even my daughter felt the emotion as I e-mailed her with the reading. On some level we all know when we hear the truth don't we. I appreciate being able to have someone to turn to who is so gifted. -- L.W.




Thank you for the reading. Right now I'm at a crossroads with my career and I'm not sure where my journey is taking me. Your words helped to add clarity. I will pray for you to continue touching and blessing people and I hope that you will send loving energy to me so that my path is made clear.--SG




Over the years I have found Anita's channeling and other reading skills to be right on target. She is an exceptional, caring talent. And as a teacher she is head and shoulders above the rest.--D.L.




Anita Burns is a multi-talented metaphysician and consummate professional. I enjoy coordinating classes and workshops with her because she is always responsible, helpful and responsive to each student's individual needs. She is a wonderful teacher with excellent communication skills. In her readings, she uses a variety of techniques to access psychic information. She provides useful insights and encourages self empowerment. Anita has many years of experience in the metaphysical field and she is a trusted source for information, healing and tools for growth.-- A.G.




The Re Hu Tek sessions I received from Allen and Anita were powerful and helped me overcome constant pain in my knees. -- J.R.



Studying astrology with you has been a pleasure. Finally, after years of struggle with other courses and books, I'm understanding it. You make learning Astrology easy. D.M.



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