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Hypnosis, Modern Magick from Ancient Roots


Hypnosis, under many different names, has been around since before the Pharaohs. It has been used as a cure all, mystical rite, entertainment, and forbidden magical tool. Hypnosis has been revered and feared in cycle after cycle throughout the centuries. In the 1800's hypnosis gained recognition from the medical profession as a safe anesthesia. But it was time consuming to use and didn't work for everyone. With the advent of ether, hypnosis fell into disuse. Magicians and showmen began using it for entertainment, and hypnosis lost credibility as a therapeutic and medical tool. Some professionals continued to use hypnosis successfully, but mainly it was mystics and spiritual seekers who continued to use hypnosis as a tool for growth and  self help. The state of hypnosis often allows a clearer channel to the higher self.


Today. hypnosis is a powerful and useful therapy tool. With understanding about the process of hypnosis, it has become less mysterious and more useful. Thanks to pioneers in behavioral science such as Dr. Milton Erickson. Richard Bandler, John Grinder. Dr. John Kappas. Leslie Cameron Bandler Lebeau, and others, the knowledge of hypnosis has grown and evolved. Research has been enormously helpful in removing the shroud of secrecy surrounding hypnosis. Fewer and fewer people fear hypnosis. Stories of modern day Svengali's or Cagliostrols are rarely taken seriously. Hypnosis is commonly used by doctors. psychotherapists, dentists. meditation teachers, yoga teachers. and other professionals.


The state of hypnosis occurs when brainwave energy is concentrated and slowed. Normal waking brainwaves operate at 40-60 cycles per second. During times of focused attention. strong emotion. mental confusion, spiritual bliss, psychic awareness, and induced hypnosis. brainwaves slow to 14-40 cycles per second or slower.


What does this mean? How is hypnosis experienced by the individual? As a subject begins to slow the brainwaves. attention is shifted from the external to the internal. The subject begins to pay more attention to what Is going on inside him/herself and less attention to what is going on outside. The mind is able to focus on a single thought or idea, and keep that focus as long as necessary. Concentration becomes easy. The body is more easily controlled by the mind during hypnosis; learning comes more quickly; mental and emotional changes are more readily installed.


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