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This is a start to finish demonstration of how to make great bread. The recipe is taken from my book, The Dough Also Rises ( and or from (ebook and PDF)


Hey! Listen up! Bread is EASY to make. What's hard is screwing it up. Bread dough is like your enabler cousin Penelope. It is there to make you look good and be comfortable with your quirkiness.


Is there anything better, more sensual, and more addicting than the smell of fresh bread baking? Don't answer that. You gotta admit though, that this is one helluva great smell. It's so good that some bakeries install a fresh bread fragrance atomizer in their shops and pump the fragrance outside to attract customers. This fragrance speaks to our ancestral pleasure centers. It is so powerful that some real estate agents spray an artificial fresh bread aroma in the houses they are trying to sell or in model homes. They also use cookie-baking smells, but that is a different story.


Artificial fresh bread smell or no, there isn't a commercial bakery bread that comes close to the amazing home-baked loaf. After you get the hang of it, you can be the DaVinci of bread bakers. Your neighbors will envy you and the gods will smile down upon you. You will be blessed unto your children and your children's children. The angels will sing your praises. Uh, sorry, I got carried away.


Watch and enjoy.

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